We just wanted to reach out to you and thank you again for the unbelievable puppy. We’ve named him Hunter, and he is awesome. From day one, he has been a great boy, and he’s only gotten better since. We are currently working with him and a professional dog trainer to get the basics. The trainer primarily works with German Shepherds as police and service dogs, but has a love for Jack Russells, He was very excited to start training him. He wanted me to extend his praise of how great our little guy’s temperament is. He has explained to us that temperament is bred, and not taught, and that we were very lucky to have such a great breeder.

Here are some recent pictures of him. Thank you again, and we will always highly recommend you to our Jack Russell-loving friends and family.

Joe and Jannette / Satisfied Client!

“Just wanted to drop you a quick line about Chewbacca. We ended up changing his name to Bradley and we love him to death! The whole family is smitten with him. He is active, loving, social, and intelligent. We crate trained him to start but have long graduated to his own big boy bed and has mastered potty training with ease! The crate has migrated to storage closet and we have never looked back. Bradley also has a few tricks up his sleeve: sit, stay, come, and down! The basics are important!

I also have to tell you he is a head turner in public! So attractive! Adults adore him and kids greet him like he’s Santa Clause! A casual walk with the dog ends up making me more friends then I bargained for. He has stared to turn from a smooth coat to a bit of a mixed/ wire hair, it’s neat to watch him develop. He has started to form a little beard and is turning into a distinguished gentleman right before out eyes! I’ve attached a few photos to help illustrate what a wonderful puppy you have bred! Brains, brawn, and beauty!”

Cullen Brookins / Satisfied Client!

“It has been 11 months and Jimmy (Lincoln) is just over a year old now, and I want to update you on his progress. This little guy is “awesome”! Annette and I thought we would never fill the hole that was left when Paulie died, but Jimmy came into our house and as if it were his mission, he single handed, (paw’ed) lifted us from our sorrow. What a joy he is to have in our home, he get’s along with everybody and every dog, that is something that we were not used to. You definitely raise them sweet as sugar. In a couple of the pics you can see the training collar that we needed to teach him the “come” command when he would sneak out the door. It only took a few corrections on the lowest setting to get the message across. He now comes when called.
Jimmy has still got some good size ears (part of his charm) but still, he is a handsome fellow, and we are constantly being told so by almost everyone that meets him. With his Dad’s eyes (I think so anyways) and his red head, he steals hearts everywhere we take him.
We may be looking for a buddy to get for him and if we do, it will be coming from your Kennel, Karen. You breed amazing dogs.”

Bethany Baier / Satisfied Client!

“I wanted to share these photos that were taken of Lucy when she was just over a year old- she’s now 3! She is such a wonderful, smart dog we couldn’t thank you enough for her coming into our lives. She has started agility classes this year and is a class favorite and has been doing great. Hoping to do a few trials one day. She goes to horse shows all the time, it will finally be her time to show! I just wanted to let you know how much she is loved!
Thank you.”

Carolyn Stanley / Satisfied Client!

“ I absolutely love them!! I am so glad to see Ace is back! He produces great dogs! I love little Roxie, I can’t believe she is 4 🙂 I am always going to be grateful to you for the most amazing dogs! Roxie and patch are just down to earth. Love people and are good with Chloe. 🙂 couldn’t of asked for any better, I got the best!”

Kristen Reker / Satisfied Client!

“Looks like Molton has found his favorite resting place.
We absolutely love this fella. Our other Jack Reggie is still kicking, but has really slowed down.
Thought we would lose him about a month ago but he recovered.He and Molton have their moments, but they always make up and Molton grooms him. He likes that. Molton sleeps right between our heads, with his on our pillows. He’s such a fine dog.”

Bobby Chromik / Satisfied Client!

“This is Robyn Demshar. I bought my Hunt Terrier, Wally, from AKC Quality Jack Russells. He was born on June 28th, 2012 (out of Tommy and Carmel) and turned one year old this past June. He’s blossomed into a wonderful wee man… 11 pounds of sinewy muscle, Tasmanian Devil attitude, robust athleticism, and jolly bonhomie. He is admired by all who meet him. Attached is a picture of the two of us at the historic Waterford Fair earlier this month (held in the old Quaker village of Waterford, VA… founded in 1733 and designated a National Historic Landmark). He was a huge hit with the posh equestrian and fieldsports set who regularly attend the fair. They were all familiar with Jacks and Patterdales, but none had ever seen a Hunt Terrier before. Wally soaked up all of the attention, and I think I must’ve directed at least 15-20 people to the AHTCA that afternoon.

Anyway, I like to keep in touch and wanted to let you know that he’s thriving and is a happy, healthy, beloved best friend.”

Robyn Demshar / Satisfied Client!

“ Just wanted to say that almost 15 years ago we were blessed with a Lil Jack Russell from you. He has been the best part of our family as he runs the house. He is still going strong with his younger brother a black Lab that keeps him going. He enjoys his daily walks and his long naps as he is now older. There is not a day that goes by where he reminds us that he is the boss.. Love every minute we spend with him. Thank you for allowing this lil fur ball into our world.”

Leah Swarr / Satisfied Client!

“We bought our Hunt Terrier 2-1/2 years ago. His name is Cooper and is the best dog we have ever had. He is loving, calm and very smart. We have a large fenced in back yard and he gets plenty of exercise. I would recommend AKC Quality JR Farms for Hunt Terriers or Jacks. Their kennel is absolutely the best, no cages. Mommy and babies are kept in a covered area with access to the yard. Very professional.”

Linda Hendricks / Satisfied Client!

“My husband Carl and I were devastated when our 17 1/2 year old Jack passed away, after a month we decided we couldn’t be without a Jack Russell. After much research we decided on “Francesca” from Jumping Jacks and AKC Quality JR Kennels! Liz McCormick was great and was very helpful and understanding since we both came down with Covid and had to delay getting our “girl”. Francesca has brought such joy and happiness to our family. Everyone loves her and she loves everyone.”

Catherine Mannino / Satisfied Client!

“ I lost last JR in Dec. I have had at least 15 JR’s over the years. I have other small dogs but they don’t fit the hole in my heart. I simply can’t live w/o my best buddy. “Foozie” was my 14 y o little girl & she fought so hard to live but God said it was time. I am looking for another one so maybe the memories will live on,”

Terry Mitchell / Satisfied Client!

“Meet Dazy and Dezel. 2 year old liter mates. Dezel is a handsome boy and very loyal. Dazy is exceptionally beautiful. People all the time say she is stunning. She is the boss.
They play hard together all day but have the sweetest dispositions. Dazy will lick your cheek at night when she has to go potty. Well of course they sleep with us.”

Donna DuRant / Satisfied Client!

“We added a 7th JR to our family in late March. And now just a couple days ago we decided to add just one more to make it even. 😂 all 8 of our butterballs are related in some form or fashion. The one common thing regardless of the relation that they share is they make the very best family dogs. We don’t go anywhere without people commenting how well behaved and calm all our jacks are. That’s simply because Jodi breeds her dogs with families in mind. We have a 20 year relationship with AKC Quality JRs.”

Jessica Vogt / Satisfied Client!

“ Russell is our second Jack Russell we got to be a companion to our first. Jodi was so amazing to work with and you can tell she really cares about her dogs and puppies. We went out to her place twice and all the pups are super friendly and such a great environment for them. Russell is extremely smart (sometimes stubborn) and so incredibly sweet. He has the absolute best personality and has been the greatest addition to our home.”

Steve & Lisa Schaeffer / Satisfied Client!

“My son and I traveled to AKC Quality JR Kennel to purchase a new puppy for me as my female Jack had just passed away, We got there and fell in love with all of the adorable puppies. I picked out an adorable little girl and although that was all we supposedly went to get my son fell in love with a male puppie so off we went with our two adorable New Jacks. My sons Jack has passed away after a great life, and my Jack Abigail is still going strong. I recommend AKC Quality JR Highly!”

William Wortman / Satisfied Client!